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Behind The 113 ChainLink Mysteries


Sat 5/19 21:23hrs.  Our Home unbeaten streak became tarnished in the hands of the Minesootans, Hat-Trick Aly didn’t even touch the pitch–Odd. Tue 5/22 19:30hrs ET.  Us Open Cup ‘s 2nd Round opens for American NASL teams, mediocre start is capped by the glorious return of hat-Trick Aly.  In the middle of all the celebratory [...]

A Newcomer’s Solution to South Florida’s Soccer Predicament

I have been a soccer fan since my high school days. The first game that I saw was a wonderful English Premier League match where a certain hated club, that happens to wear the same colors as the Strikers on their crest, pummeled the opposition. I do not remember the final score, or who the [...]

US Open Begins, Who Cares!

Here’s my first story from my iPad, here it goes. Tonight from the historic Lockhart Stadium the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup kicked off for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, did anybody care? The US Open doesn’t get the respect it rightly deserves at any level. The Strikers and Fresno Fuego took to a rain soaked [...]


X sukk it!!

One would guess that embracing your hometown team might be a positive thing.  But when the hometown team is called “rowdies”, there’s just not too many avenues where you could take this ‘passion’ for a mediocre D2 soccer team.  Maybe form a supporters group, and network with the local fans to gather up and plan all sorts [...]


Milan vs Chelsea

As a generation we all are privileged for the outstanding level of soccer that we can witness now on days. Not only talking about the glorious record-braking season that Real Madrid and Barcelona have had, but seeing even deeper and finding the courageous and inventive Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal with a “Robin” as their hero, Borussia Dortmund taking [...]